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"vintage battery toys and more"
Due to health reasons, this website will be shut down.
Hopefully this is only temporary. Our goal is to have it up and running, either fully or partially, as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for your interest and support. The support from all over the world has been amazing.
Thanks again, Robert (aka Grandpa)

Grandpa's Toys on "American Pickers"
I have now had the pleasure of having my toy videos appear on three separate episodes of American Pickers. On Monday February 11 at 9:00 EST on the HIstory Channel, my video of GI Joe and the K-9 Pups was shown. If you missed it, it can still be seen on re-runs.

Other toy videos I have contributed to the show can still be be seen on reruns. They include a Charlie Weaver on Episode 71, and a Cragstan Antique Shaking Car on Episode 80.

If you are fascinated by vintage battery operated toys, you have come to the right place. These wonderful toys were usually made from recycled tin in Japan prior to 1970. Under "Toy Store" we have toys, parts, and other items for sale. Under "Toy Repair" you will find information concerning repair of battery toys. "Favorite Links" will guide you to some of the best battery toy resources. Under "Club Forum" you will find our "Vintage Battery Toy Collectors Club" where we provide a venue for anyone interested in these toys to communicate with each other. Under "Toy Guides" you will find information about our newest publication "Vintage Battery Toy Collectors Guide", plus "Batteries Not Included", our in-depth vintage battery toy repair guide. There is also a link to tell you more "About Us" and, finally, a link to "Contact Us". Thank you for visiting our website. Y'all come back soon, y'hear!

Check out our newest publication!

"Vintage Battery Toy Collectors Guide"

Identification and Evaluation of Vintage Battery Operated Toys
in Paperback or on DVD

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Plus, check out the "must have" toy repair guide on CD-Rom!

"Batteries Not Included"

Vintage Battery Toy Repair You Can Do Yourself
in Paperback or on CD-Rom

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Grandpa's Toys